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Download Be Blessed by Yolanda Adams


Yolanda Adams Be Blessed lyrics

Too many storms have passed your way
And you're all washed out cause it rained on your parade
Seems nobody cares about you anyway
Now you're living your life like a castaway
Searched for strength inside was it all in vain
Cause the deeper you dig you find more and more pain
Don't let your tomorrow be like yesterday
Cause I spoke to God, I called out your name
And on your behalf, I just asked if He would be there for you
I want you to

Be Blessed, Don't live life in distress
Just let go, let God, He'll work it out for you
I pray that your soul will be blessed
Forever in his rest, Cause you deserve his best no less

Enter a place where you never have to cry
Never have to live a lie, never have to wonder why
Never want for nothing you're always satisfied
In the peace that his arms will provide
He will erase any guilt or shame, any bad habits you've got
You won't wanna do em again, Yes we all can change, I can testify
See I spoke to God, I called out your name
And on your behalf, I just asked, If he would be there for you
I want you to

Repeat Chorus

My prayer for you today, Is that you trust and always obey
On his name keep calling (choir)
On his name keep calling (solo)
He'll keep you from falling (choir)
He'll keep you from falling (solo)
He'll supply the answers (choir)
Yes He will, if you stand in faith and trust Him to make a way out of no way (solo)

Repeat Chorus

Be blessed from the bottom of your feet to the crown of your head
Your life be blessed
Your family be blessed
Your finances be blessed
Everything about you be blessed

Oooo Yeah Yeah
Give it to Jesus, give it to Jesus
Let go, let go, let go
And let God do a work in you in you
Ooh Be blessed ooh be blessed
What every your going through
Just know I?m praying for you
Be blessed Oh be blessed
He can change you situation in a minute
Just be blessed
Don?t do anything that god would not have you to do
be blessed
I know it what you want right now but it sure could be a lot worse
Just be blessed
Let him do a work in you hey be blessed
Be blessed

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