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Download The Hopeless by Velvet Acid Christ


Velvet Acid Christ The Hopeless lyrics

a force fed lie, our dead dream
awake upon a staircase
start looking downward into hell
where the last life screamed and we screeched
we're always, always a bloody mess, a bloody mess
lying hole, tired eyes
you're screeching, your scraping
the bone with your life
into a dream, we will fade
hopeless, the hopeless, the hopeless
the hopeless, the hopeless, the hopeless, the hopeless
their calling of the dead, calling of the dead
you liars, and your face
and your eyes separate the fear
the lies, the fate
set into eyes, the calling of the dead
image in the light, they're calling you dead
they won't believe signs, they don't believe your cries
they all ways open eyes, and the light all over your head
your head
time distortion, crawling on to your knees
crawl onto the floor, get off your feet
a lie in the wake, spiraling down
glass feeling moments all over your arms
over your arms
condemned, force fed
force fed your calling dead
feeling your flesh ripped apart
with heaven and hell
the conflict of everything
that was sent from heaven and hell
the conflict of disease
the life long breeding season
for your lips you'll take away
the life that was given so easily
now all becomes the entity of hate
shows you hate, shows you light
shows you everything
the fading light, a broken dream
you're everything, your everything
kneel to the floor, get off your knees
raise up to the light, you won't feel a thing
inject the needle, inject the time
kill all the light, with forces of the night
alays a lost day
always a hopeless brain
always everything
always force fed
into your head, into your head
into your life, where you dream
that's where you go, that's how it lives
that how you know pain
know choice, know life
no choice, no freedom
just separation, segregation
the annihilation
annihilation, annihilation

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