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Download Turning Up the Heat by Vanessa Amorosi


Vanessa Amorosi Turning Up the Heat lyrics

verse 1:
love wasn't meant to be
easy without a care
and this love will be hard to keep
from a distance without truning cold

tell me what you think about us
tell me how you're feeling when you're lost
always sitting down
but with you i've always found i was free

if it's up to you
i want it up to me
our fighting's always been, so good
and always turning up the heat
if it's up to you
i want it up to me
our fighting's always been, so good
and always turning up the heat

verse 2:
time had never been a loss
the same with the days
that never end
and life could never seem to stop
unless you fail to be there once again,
once again

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

you'v got the keys to my front door
we share each others life and more
but when you get yourself mad and go to leave
i don't try to make things easy
i said put your bags on the ground
sit back down on the couch
this is love we will work it out
fighting is what we're all about
turn up and turn up and turn up the heat

repeat chorus (x2)

v. amorosi / a. wikstrom / f. thomander | published by universal music | epicircus music adm. by wb music corp. | produced recorded and mixed by f. thomander | and anders wikstrom for epicentre productions | recorded at the epicentre studio, stockholm | guitars: anders wikstrom | keyboards: v. amorosi, f. thomander, jonsson | backing vocals: v. amorosi, jeanette olsson, ander wikstrom

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