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Tracy Lawrence Unforgiven lyrics

Thomas Jefferson, he had slaves
In the land of the free and the home of the brave
I read about him in the seventh grade
He's forgiven

JFK he loved to run around
He and Norma Jean painted that town
But we know him as a hero now
He's forgiven

Baby I know I did you wrong
Thats why I'm here, thats why you're gone
I don't know just what I've done
To be one of the unforgiven

I had an uncle, he dodged the draft
They said step forward and he stepped back
But we all cut him some slack
He's forgiven

Judas betrayed the Christ with a kiss
Cartel kings get a slap on the wrist
Jesse James and Billy the Kid
They're all forgiven

(Repeat Chorus|solo)
I've made mistakes, thats what life is
But there ain't a thing i can't live with
And even though you can't forgive
You're Forgiven

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