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Download Alone With You by Tevin Campbell


Tevin Campbell Alone With You lyrics

Verse 1:

We were holding hands
In the park
We had to hurry home before its dark
I can't wait to see your smile again
And I love the time we spend
I waited for the break of day to come
So I could see your smile in the sun
I guess I couldn't wait to get to school
To see your pretty face
I?ve got to stay cool
Break it down


Girl don?t leave me, don't leave me
Ooohhh, the way you receive me
Don?t take this as an aggression
Girl I learned my lesson
Don?t leave me, ooohhh
The natural way you receive me
Don?t take this as an aggression
That?s why


I just want to be alone with you
And there's nothing else
I?d rather do
Just to get the chance I had again
Just us two, till the end

Verse 2:

Now just the other night
On the phone
I tried to impress you with my tone
I?ve got to be for real
If you're my friend
Or you'll never call me back again

Chorus/fade out

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