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Download Anarchy in the UK by Sex Pistols


Sex Pistols Anarchy in the UK lyrics

Rights! Now!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

I Am An Antichrist
I Am An Anarchist
Dont Know What I Want But
I Know How To Get It
I Wanna Destroy The Passer By Cause I

I Wanna Be, Anarchy!
No Dogs Body

Anarchy For The U.K
Its Coming Sometime And Maybe
I Give A Wrong Time Stop A Trafic Line
Your Future Dream Is A Shopping Scheme Cos I

I Wanna Be, Anarchy!
In The City

How Many Ways To Get What You Want
I Use The Best I Use The Rest
I Use The N.M.E I Use Anarchy Cos I

I Wanna Be, Anarchy!
The Only Way To Be !

Is This The M.P.L.A
Or Is This The U.D.A
Or Is This The I.R.A
I Thought It Was The U.K Or Just
Another Country
Another Council Tenancy

I Wanna Be An Anarchist
Oh What A Name

And I Wanna Be An Anarchist
Oh What A Name

And I Wanna Be An Anarchist
I Get Pissed Destroy!

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