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Peter Tosh Not Gonna Give It Up lyrics

I'm not gonna give it up
I'm not goin'
I'm not gonna give it up
I'm not goin'
I will be fighting
I've got to be fighting
I will be fighting
Til Africa
And Africans are free

I said that I been up there
And I've seen poverty beyond compare
I know slave drivers just don't care
They just don't care


Africa's the richest place
But it has the poorest race
And to me it's just a disgrace
Just a disgrace

Africans don't wait too long
We gotta fight 'cause it's not wrong
Won't you join in and sing this song
Sing this song


To be poor it's a hurtful pain
Livin inna poverty it's a burning shame
Help yourself 'cause man you're not lame
You are not lame


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