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The Ultimate Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Volume 2: 1983-1984 (disc 2)

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Year: 2005

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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Mast Nazron Se lyrics

mast nazron se Allah bachaaye, maah-jamaalon se Allah bachaaye
har balaa sar pe aa jaaye lekin, husn-vaalon se Allah bachaaye

O God save us from the intoxicated glances! O God save us from the moon-faced ones!
Let any affliction come upon us [but] God save us from the pretty ones.

in kii maasuumiyat par na jaanaa, in ke dhoke meN hargiz na aana
luuT lete haiN ye muskuraa kar, in kii chaaloN se Allah bachaaye

Don?t let their innocence fool you; don?t let them make you a fool
they rob with just a smile, O God save us from their spells!

bholii suurat hai baateN haiN bholii, muuNh meN kuch hai magar dil meN kuch hai
laakh chehraa sahii chaaNd jaisaa, dil ke kaaloN se Allah bachaaye

Innocent appearence and innocuous talk, but there is a difference between what they say and what they mean
though their face is like that of moon, O God save us from the schemes of their hearts!

dil meN hai khvaahish-e-huur-o-jannat aur zaahir meN shauq-e-ibaadat
bas hameN shaiKh jii aap jaise Allah vaalon se Allah bachaaye

In the hearts there is a desire for beautiful companions in heaven, but they show their love of prayers [to the world].
Now, from the likes of the abstinent, O God save us from these Godly ones!

in kii fitrat meN be-vafa?ii jaantii hai ye saarii Khudaii
acche acchoN ko dete haiN dhokhaa bhole bhaaloN se Allah bachaaye

In their nature is infielity, it is known by all and sundry
they beguile even the smart ones, O God save us from the innocuous ones!

mast nazroN se Allah bachaaye, maah-jamaaloN se Allah bachaaye
O God save us from the intoxicated glances! O God save us from the moon-faced ones!

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