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Download A Nation on Fire by Machine Head


Machine Head A Nation on Fire lyrics

Well I see, I feel
On my way
You close your eyes, scared to think
You might see
A world that spends more to kill than to cure
Living, writhing, diseased, so unpure

It hardens me, the things I see
But I won't break. it gives me strength

That's right!
Our suffering.. won't always be
We'll dominate... this nation on fire

The media it
Blinds out eyes
A people divided
And force fed lies
The black and white societies corrode
Warring, hating, blind, a rage explodes

So take my hand, across this land
I won't go down, stand my ground

That's right!
Our suffering. won't always be
We'll dominate. this nation on fire

This nation's built on fighting war after war
And for my brothers, I will fight and stand for
'Cause I won't break. Your truth is fake
If blood ran red, you'd leave me for dead
A nation on fire
A nation on fire

You tell me peace, well I hear gunshots all night
The scars I have, I've earned 'cause I've had to fight
An endless pain, and it won't change
We just sat by, and watched this world die
A nation on fire
A nation on fire

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