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Download I Shall Do by John P. Kee


John P. Kee I Shall Do lyrics

Verse 1:
Wherever You want me to go,
I?m willing to obey,
oh Lord, please let me know.
Whatever path that I must take,
not my volition Lord, I?ll do just what you say,
and I shall do.

I shall do (3x),
just what He says.

Verse 2:
Direction is what we all pray for,
and after receiving, then why do we ignore,
all of the things He has in store,
remembering my steps are ordered by the Lord;
and I shall do.


Bridge 1:
If He tells me to climb the highest mount,
preach in an unknown place;
because of what my faith is,
His will I will obey.


Bridge 2:
If He tells me to go to streets unknown,
shout and sing His praise;
glory hallelujah,
His will I will obey.

Vamp 1:
I shall do it (3x),
whatever He wants.

Vamp 2:
Not my will,
but Thy will shall be done.

Vamp 3:
Fill me,
send me,
Thy will shall be done.


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