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Year: 1999

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Download Freek n You by Jodeci

Jodeci Freek n You lyrics

I wanna freak you (8x)
Everytime i close my eyes
I wake up feelin so horny
I can't get you outta my mind
Sexin you be all i see
I would give anything
Just to make you understand me
I don't give a damn about nothing else
Freak'n you is all i need

tonight, i need your body
tonight, you got my time
tonight, you won't be sorry
tonight, you got my mind
you got my mind, all i wanna do is freak you

What must i say
what must i do
to show how much
i think about freak'n you

I could go on for days
but i couldn't go on for weeks
i can even play with another body
but i wouldn't do it cuz i'm a freak
I hear everything you say
turned on by everything you do
And at night when i close my eyes
I only dream of freak'n you


Freak out and freak me up and down (3x)

Every freak'n night and every freak'n day
I wanna freak you baby in every freak'n way
Every freak'n day and every freak'n night
I wanna freak you girl your body so freak'n tight

Chorus (3x)

I think about freak'n you
I wanna freak you (repeat until fade)

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