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Jeanette You Call Me on the Phone lyrics

You?ll callin? on the phone
You know that I?m alone
And than I hear the words
You?re doin more than flirt
I just don?t know how you?re getting? to this
Oh, honey I don?t agree
It?s such a pretty, pretty day

Turns me on an? on
To feel the warm sun
To see the blue sky
Makes wanna fly
And I have to say
It?s great to make out, boy
When it?s a sunny, sunny day

You wake me up by dawn
An wanna be my storm
I shove you to the side
To me there?s something wrong
Let?s just wait now for the sun to be strong
Oh baby, I can foresee
I know the perfect, perfect place


Don't call me on the phone (5x)


Don't call me on the phone (repeat to end)

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