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Download Have You Ever by Jaheim


Jaheim Have You Ever lyrics

Have you ever?

Have you ever
Think about it

Have you ever
Thought of what you did
when you were a kid
as you reminisce

Have you ever
Thought about your life
Thought you paid a price
Cuz It wasn't right
Have you ever

Ever tell the truth but lied
held back when you shoulda cried
didn't say it when you shoulda said goodbye
meant something but didn't say
said something but didn't mean
seems like we all been through it

Ever let the people get away
Ever look back
and wish you could get back
how it was back in the day
Ever had a girl
you wouldn't budge
Instead of telling them how much
you'd be true with loving

Have you ever ever
or am I the only one
tell me have you ever
looked back on the things that you've done


Been up in the club
bustin' over
one too many
double shots of hennergy
told you she was twenty-one
you think maybe
you and her leaving
end up in a hotel suite bed
whoa! no glove
slipped up now you gettin that love
next morning you wake up
feeling stupid..
I have

Have you ever been
caught up in a jam
you and your man
not thinking
make a quick decision
got the Ooh Wee In your hand
busted you be doing 20 plus fo' sure
drop it and run then the whole hood'll know

whoa, time passed
given that behind the three
hit's glass
raise my sons the only thing he asked
have you ever
I have

Have you ever ever
or am I the only one
tell me have you ever
looked back on the things that you've done

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