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Download Do Your Thing by Isaac Hayes


Isaac Hayes Do Your Thing lyrics

If the music make you move, 'cause you can dig the groove
Then groove on, groove on

If you feel like you wanna make love under the stars above
Love on, love on

If there's something you wanna say, and talkin is the only way
Rap on, oh, rap on

Cause whatever oh, you do,
oh, you've got to do your thing

If you feel like you wanna scream
'cause that's your way of lettin' off steam
Scream on, scream on

If you feel like you wanna sing cause singing
is your thing
Sing on, sing on

If you wanna make love all night and you
feel its right
Right on, right on

'Cause whatever oh you do,
oh, you've got to do your thing
Do your thing...

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