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Download Insipid 2000 by In Flames


In Flames Insipid 2000 lyrics

Should I defend you for who you are?
The laws are changed and useless!

On their way to a deserted town,
where empty windows wave goodbye.
A helpless excuse, a falling reality.
I'm changed by the shock
and the weight of the punch.
A helpless excuse, a falling reality.

Fragments of a futile being
a puzzle to the noble ones
ignorant and pitiless they stride.

The world around me -
spartanic, minimalistic.
A helpless excuse, a falling reality.
The large scale plan that once where
you've now drained from life.
A helpless excuse, a falling reality

Who knows the proper reasons
why it all begins and ends?
Ignorant and pitiless they stride...

You are but a form.
The clean, harsh silence passes.
Genuine visions by the noble ones
for the noble ones.

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