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Download Big Wheels in the Moonlight by Dan Seals


Dan Seals Big Wheels in the Moonlight lyrics

Written by: Bob McDill, Dan Seals
#1 Nov '88 Country

I came from a town that was so small
You look both ways and you could see it all
All I wanted was some way out
Every evening I'd slip into town
And stand around by the caution light
Watch the big trucks rolling by
For me it was a beautiful sight
Big Wheels In The Moonlight

I had a case of wanderlust
I'd lie awake with the windows up
Out on Highway Fifty Nine
I could hear some big old diesel whine
She was going through all the gears
Headed out to who knows where
I fell asleep most every night
Dreaming about big wheels in the moonlight

And I want to put my life on the centerline
And I want to see the world before I die
And I know that there's a peace I'll never find
Cause those big old wheels keep rolling through my mind

How I got here it's hard to say
So many things got in my way
Can't complain about all I've got
Kids and a wife and a regular job
But at night when I'm setting here
All alone in a living room chair
Sometimes I close my eyes
And see big wheels in the moonlight.

Repeat chorus 2x

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