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Download Someday by Christopher Cross


Christopher Cross Someday lyrics

Here's a song for the hearts so lonely
The ones who feel that love won't come
Looking to find that one and only
I've got something to say to you

You see the lovers walking down the street
You feel your life's a little incomplete
I know what you mean and I'm here to tell you
Wipe the tears from your eyes
You know I would not lie

Save your love for someday, girl
Someday will come soon
Save your love for someday, girl
Someday will come soon

You give your love away to someone new
Just so you can say that he belongs to you
You smile and you laugh and you talk of forever
I'm not so sure that it's true

Don't give up on love
Someday will come soon

After you've found that dream you treasure
After the chill has left the air
All of the pieces will come together
The things that two can share
But only time can take you there

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