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Download Word Up by Cameo

Cameo Word Up lyrics

Yo, pretty ladies around the world
Got a weird thing to show you so tell all the boys and girls
Tell your brother, your sister and your mamma too
Cause they?re about to throw down and you'll know just what to do
Wave your hands in the air like you don't care
Glide by the people as they start to look and stare
Do your dance, do your dance, do your dance quick mamma
Come on baby tell me what's the word

Word up everybody say
When you hear the call you?ve got to get it underway
Word up it's the code word
No matter where you say it you?ll know that you'll be heard

Now all you sucker DJ's who think you're fly
There's got to be a reason and we know the reason why
you try to put on those airs and act real cool
But ya got to realise that you're acting like fools
If there's music we can use it we need to dance
We don't have the time for psychological romance
No romance, no romance, no romance for me mamma
Come on baby tell me what's the word

Word up everybody say
When you hear the call you've got to get it underway

Dial ?L? for Low
C?mon all you people say
W.O.R.D. UP, W.O.R.D. UP, W.O.R.D. UP, W.O.R.D. UP

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