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Download Misunderstanding by Boyz II Men


Boyz Ii Men Misunderstanding lyrics

It could be another misunderstanding
You should stop trippin and find out what is happenin
Before you start pointing fingers do something for me
Realize there is two sides to every story


The club is closing down, been invited to a party at my homies house
Got my crew and rolled out
Called my girl on my celly before I hopped into my V
No answer, oh well...baby must be sleepin
Said she had a long day and didn't feel like clubbin
Can't wait till I get home so she can give me some lovin
So we bounced...headed out...rolled up to my homies spot
Thought I saw somebody familiar in the parking lot
Walked up to the door gave pounds and hugs
Right back homies showin me love
Distracted for a moment till I went inside
Now I'm looking right in her eyes


I was at the crib when I heard my cell phone
Knew it was my girl cause I recognoized the ring tone
Says she's still at work and she'd be late comin home
But I was too preoccupied cause the game was on
Hung up the phone and it rang again
It was my boy Hakeem who valets at Crustaceans
Sent an email with picture attached
With my girl and some dude that read...
This is where your girl be at

I can understand how you feel but don't overreact
Until you know the deal...step back and peep the situation
Don't be hasty baby for lack of being patient
The truth will come out in time
If you move too fast forward then you can't rewind
So pimipin be easy stop catchin feelings
Two sides to every story
Find out what the real is


[Repeat chorus]

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