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Black Sabbath Paranoid lyrics

Finished With My Woman 'Cause She
Couldn't Help Me With My Mind
People Think I'm Insane Because
I Am Frowning All The Time

All Day Long I Think Of Things
But Nothing Seems To Satisfy
Think I'll Lose My Mind If I Don't
Find Something To Pacify

Can You Help Me?
Occupy My Brain
Oh Yeah!

I Need Someone To Show Me
The Things In Life That I Can't Find
I Can't See The Things That Make True Happiness
I Must Be Blind


Make A Joke And I Will Sigh
And You Will Laugh And I Will Cry
Happiness I Cannot Feel
And Love To Me Is So Unreal

And So As You Hear These Words
Telling You Now Of My State
I Tell You To Enjoy Life
I Wish I Could But It's Too Late.

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