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Download Aint That Cute by Aaron Carter


Aaron Carter Aint That Cute lyrics

My mama told me I'm too young to love
But I know what I know and I can't get enough
I'm thinking 'bout you and me holding hands
Pushing you on a swing, we can do anything
'Cause when I think of you all I know
Is that there's nothing I won't do to be with you

Ain't that cute, holding hands in the park
Ain't that cute, can't stay late after dark
Ain't that cute, was it love from the start
Ain't that cute, I could swear you stole my heart

Ain't that cute

I often wonder the meaning of love
Is it something meant for just grown-ups
Nick always told me just to follow my dreams
But with love on my mind it's so hard to see
And still I think of you all I know
Is that there's nothing I won't do to be with you


It's true if I'm wrong
Then tell me girl what I should do
Or would you even care
If I told you love could be so simple
Between me and you
Oh, tell me...


Ain't that cute
Ain't that cute

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