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Download Be Like That by 3 Doors Down


3 Doors Down Be Like That lyrics

He spends his nights in California
Watching the stars on the big screen
And then he lies awake and he wonders
Why can't that be me

'Cause in his life he's filled with all these good intentions
He's left a lot of things he'd rather not mention right now
Just before he says good-night
He looks up with a little smile at me and he says

If I could be like that
I would give anything
Just to live one day in those shoes
If I could be like that
What would I do
What would I do

Now in dreams we run

She spends her days up in the North Park
Watching the people as they pass
And all she wants is just a little piece of this dream
Is that too much to ask
With a safe home
And a warm bed
On a quiet little street
All she wants is just that something to hold on to
That's all she needs


Yeah, yeah
Oh, oh, oh yeah
I'm falling into this
In dreams, we run away

Chorus x3

Yeah, yeah
Falling in
I feel I'm
Falling into this again

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