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Download Bridge Over Troubled Water by Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin Bridge Over Troubled Water lyrics

(Dont trouble the water),I wont (give it up)
(Why dont you, why dont you, let it be ?) Um hum hum
(Still water run deep... yes it do)
I know that, (Whoa-o-o-yeah) Yeah if you only believe


(Dont trouble the water)Said I wouldnt (give it up)
(Why dont you, why dont you, let it be ?)
Umm (still water run deep) Yes it do
(Yes it do whoa-oh-ho yeah, and if youre only in need)

When youre down now, When you on the street
When evenin falls, Somehow I will comfort you
Ill take the bow, Whoa when darkness comes
And theres no one you love around

Just like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down
(Like a bridge)Just like a bridge
(Over troubled) over troubled water I will lay me down

Sail on silver moon, Sail on by
Your time has come To shine all of your dreams
Are on their way (See how they shine ?)

Ooooh if you ever need a friend, (Need a friend)
Look around and sailing by
Just like a bridge, (Bridge (over) over (troubled) water
Ill be there to lay me down, (Like a bridge)
Like a bridge over (troubled water) troubled water
I will lay me down, Ooooh Ill be your bridge Yes I will

(Dont trouble the water) Said I wouldnt (Give it up)
Well (why dont you, why dont you, let it be ?)
Uh-huh (still water run deep) I know that
(Yes it do) yeah (oh-oh-oh yeah)

Still the water (dont trouble the water) Yeah
(Give it up, why dont you, why dont you, let it be)
Talkin bout still water (Still water run deep)
You know they run deep (Yes it do) uh-huh (oh-ho-ho-yeah)

Well Im gonna be your bridge yeah (Dont trouble the water)
The troubled water (give it up) Oh !
(Why dont you, why dont you, let it be ?)
Come on come on Walk out on me
(Still water run deep) Oh (Yes it do)