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What do I need to burn music from computer to a CD?

An internal or external CD-RW drive connected to the computer you download your music to. A blank CD-R disc that is able to record audio files and is compatible with the write speed of your CD-RW drive.

What file format does the music come in?

Music files are in the standard MP3 file format and can be played using any media player such as the Microsoft Media Player or iPod. A MP3 Player, such as the iPod, is not required to play or listen to the music files.

How much disc space do I need?

As a general rule, allow one Megabyte (1 MB) for each minute of downloaded music. To find out how much disc space you have, double-click on the "My Computer" icon and then right-click the hard drive, where you will store your music, and select 'Properties'.

Do I need a high speed internet connection?

No, but it is recommended to allow faster downloading.

How long does it take to download a song?

Actual download times vary depending on the length of the song, your system configuration, and Internet traffic. With unlimited downloads, the service makes no download speed performance guarantee.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to listen to my music?

No. Once you’ve downloaded the music to your computer  you can listen to it anytime whether or not you’re logged on to the Internet.

How often can I download music?

There are no monthly download limits.

Where on my computer do my downloads get saved?

If you downloaded your music to your computer under the C:\My Computer\My Music folder, then browse to that folder and double click the appropriate music file ending in .mp3. You can also use the Search button in the Windows Explorer navigation bar. In the Search field, type *.mp3 since all music files you download are mp3.

How do I know if the music downloads are safe?

All the mp3 music files are free of viruses and completely safe for your computer.

What do I need to burn movies I download onto a DVD?

An internal or external DVD-RW drive connected to your computer. A blank DVD-R disc that is able to record files and is compatible with the write speed of your DVD-RW drive.

What’s the difference between CD-Rs and CD-RWs?

A CD-RW (the RW stands for Read and Write) can be recorded and played and then re-recorded many, many times. While CD-RWs do play on most PC computers, they do not play in many consumer CD players. A CD-R can only be recorded once. You cannot re-record to a CD-R, even if you make a mistake. CD-Rs play in virtually all consumer CD players.

Can I download entire albums?

All song tracks are downloaded as small individual compressed MP3 files (3-4 MB file size) to allow faster downloading.

Where can I play the CD that I burn?

You can play your burned CDs on any CD player on the market that plays music (e.g. your home audio system, boom box, portable CD player, or car stereo.)


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